After dealing with anxiety, sleep disorders, traumatic brain injuries, gunshot wounds, arthritis, migraines, joint pain, post traumatic stress disorder, and cancer; the founders of PROH Wellness Center, Stoney and Ramel, were frustrated by modern medicine’s inability to address their various mental and physical ailments. 

On their journey to find natural, sustainable, holistic, and accessible alternatives to aid the body in healing itself from within; Stoney and Ramel found their lives were significantly improved by the cannabis plant - and inevitably - PROH Wellness Center was born.


At PROH Wellness Center our mission is to show everyday people that Cannabis is Medicine and how they can benefit from medicinal cannabis by sharing our unique story, knowledge, and products.


We are excited about what we have to offer and encourage everyone to follow along with us on our journey as we continue on toward the Progressive Restoration of Health (PROH).

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