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  • Schedule 2 hours in advance

    30 min

    125 US dollars


  1. Book appointment with name, email, and phone number

  2. Wait to receive email with instructions and links

  3. Fill out online medical intake form

  4. Log in to virtual chat room with full name to meet with        state-certified nurse practitioner

  5. Pay invoice for remaining balance of $75

  6. Receive in email your certification

  7. Shop at dispensary (i.e. Columbia Care) with certificate & state I.D.

  8. Use medicine responsibly! 


  • 0% tax

  • Higher possession limit

  • Lower age restrictions (18+)

  • Legal protection

  • Higher quality products



Our goal at PROH Wellness Center is to make all natural medicinal flower accessible for everyone; that is why we are offering Telemedicine MMJ Evaluations. This wellness consulting service is meant to hold your hand through the process of learning how this miraculous plant can enhance your life. Receive simplified guidance from seasoned professionals and explore the best natural treatment options for you.  

Appointments can be booked for virtual at home or virtual in office sessions.

All appointments can be rescheduled at no cost.


If you have any questions about the appointment process or our services, please give us a call. 

We are in the business of helping people.

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